Photo Scanning

Do you have shoe boxes full of photographs that haven't been looked at in years? No matter how carefully you handle and store your photos, time and age can cause them to fade and deteriorate. We can convert your photos to a digital file, helping you to preserve and protect one of your most precious and irreplaceable possessions. After your photos are digitized, it’s endless what you can do with them.

We can scan photos quickly (wallet up to 8 x 10) with our high-speed scanner or use our flatbed scanner for those fragile, stuck-in-an-album photos. Do your photos have creases, rough edges, or non-standard sizes? No problem, we can scan those too!

Once your photos are digitized, you’ll receive each photo as its own JPEG file on a data CD or DVD. We can also transfer them a flash drive or hard drive that you provide or we can purchase and re-sell them to you.

Price Per Unit
Flatbed Scanning
*$0.75 each

*Flatbed Scanning: If we scan an entire page as a single image up to 8x10, it is $0.75 for the page. If we scan each picture within a page separately, it is $0.75 per picture. Ask about scanning pictures larger than 8x10.

Picture Video

Would you like to turn your special photos into a video? Duplication Media can create stunning photo montages for any occasion. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, special events…we’ve got you covered.

We average 4-6 seconds per picture depending on the tempo of your chosen background music. The average 4-minute song gives you 40 pictures at 6 seconds each. A 3-minute song shows those same 40 pictures at 4.5 seconds each. Not sure which order you’d like your photos? We can help with that too!

Photos can be up to 8 x 10, black & white or color. We can also use newspaper clippings, greeting cards, small flat items, and more. The pictures will be returned to you un-harmed.

Hard Copy Photos
$1.50 per photo
Digital Photos (no editing/cropping)
$0.75 per photo
Music (no editing)

*Each picture video we create will receive one computer generated title. Additional titles are $5 each.

Number each picture on the back with a ball point pen. Do not use markers...customers have ruined their photos from numbering with markers.

You must supply the music from a CD. We can convert cassettes and albums for an additional fee.

Slide/Negative Transfer

Preserve your slides or negatives by letting us digitize them with our professional scanning equipment. We can eliminate scratches on photographic film or slides, restore accurate color, and improve an image's overall appearance. We have a variety of options for enhancing and restoring scans of slides, as well as positive and negative film.

Once your slides are digitized, you’ll receive each slide as its own JPEG file on a data CD or DVD. We can also transfer them to a flash drive or hard drive that you provide or we can purchase and re-sell them to you.

Price Per Unit

Duplication Media is able to analyze a film's unique grain pattern, pull all the important features of image quality, color, and sharpness and then remove the grain from the scanned image. This greatly enhances the visual impact of the final scanned image. We can digitize your slides into the computer and make any corrections (if needed) to enhance the image.

You'll receive a CD that contains each slide digitized as a jpeg image. You can print or email these individual files.

For only $25 more, you'll receive a DVD slide show where each slide is on the screen for 5-6 seconds each. We can also create a slide show with special effects and music for $1.50 per slide.

You don't live in the Des Moines area? No problem.

We service orders from all around the country. Simply print and fill out our shipping form and include it with your package.

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