Video to Digital File (Flash Drive and/or Cloud Storage)
Video Transfer is our #1 service! Digitizing your media is the easiest way to ensure your memories will last for years to come. Are you looking for a digital backup of your videos? Duplication Media can transfer them to a USB flash drive. Would you rather have the convenience of accessing them anywhere using cloud storage? Duplication Media can help with that too. Available digital formats include MPEG2, MPEG4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and more.
Video to DVD Transfer
Every time you play your videotape, you risk losing your precious family memories. Transferring your media to DVD will ensure that you can enjoy watching your recordings for years to come. We are able to combine up to a total of 2 hours of footage onto a single DVD. All work is done in-house.

Video Transfer Prices
Run Time
To File
To Cloud
00:00 - 30:00
30:00 - 1:00:00
1:00:00 - 2:00:00
2:00:00 - 4:00:00
4:00:00 - 6:00:00
6:00:00 - 8:00:00

*Each file created is limited to 2hrs. Other file types can be created for an additional cost upon request. This does not reflect quantity discounts.

Receive $10 off if you select the File or Cloud service in addition to the DVD transfer.
Receive $20 off if you select all three!

Do you have more than 20 tapes? Ask us about quantity discounts! 

We can get up to 2 hours onto a DVD and we can combine multiple tapes onto one DVD as long as they total less than 2 hours.

We transfer all types of videos including home videos, corporate videos, wedding videos, training videos, sports highlights, and much more. Don't lose your precious memories...let Duplication Media preserve them.

Do you need your DVDs duplicated? At Duplication Media, our DVD duplication system is the fastest and most reliable, allowing us to provide quick turn-around and lower prices for our DVD duplication services. Be sure and visit our DVD Duplication page.

You don't live in the Des Moines area? No problem.

We service orders from all around the country. Simply print and fill out our shipping form and include it with your package.

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